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Fall11settingtheexample“Setting the Example”: This is the foundational “Presence Principle”

Whether you know it; whether you like it or not: You are a Role Model!

More leadership responsibility means:

  • A bigger spotlight on you…
  • And less personal freedom

People are always watching you; even when they aren’t “looking” at you.

Perception is Reality

  • You must be constantly aware of how you are being perceived…
  • If you’re perceived to be a thief…then you’re a thief (even though you’ve never stolen anything in your life).
  • Facts are your friends…but sometimes they just don’t matter.
  • It’s best to avoid faulty perceptions all together.
  • Become “maniacally” aware of how you are coming across.

Attention to Detail:

  • The little things matters
  • It can immediately set you apart from the everyday mediocre; it will be noticed.
  • Intentionality & Awareness

Avoid appearing managerial:

  • You don’t like how the toilet is being cleaned?  Then get down on you knees and actively show how you want it to be cleaned.
  • Actively lead on how you want things to be!
  • You don’t do the work for them; but you must be willing to set the example to drive home expectations.

Setting the Example is simply doing the right thing even when no one is looking.

Richard Rierson

Hello! My name is Richard Rierson. I’m a husband, father of four daughters, former Marine Corps Officer, leadership coach, trainer, speaker, entrepreneur, & host of the Dose of Leadership Podcast. I help professionals and organizations develop an authentic leadership presence, crush limiting beliefs, & overcome mediocrity; creating a more purpose driven life full of time & economic freedom.

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