339 – Adam Force: Founder of Change Creator

Are you doing what you were born to do right now? Most people will say, no. Everyone finds their path on their own time but those who seek it will arrive sooner. According to Adam Force, Founder of Change Creator, we all have the entrepreneurial fire in our belly but we are the ones that have to light the fire.

Adam has over 15 years of professional business experience, with 10+ being at WebMD, building strategies for some of the biggest brands in the world, such as, Walgreens, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Dove, CVS, Zyrtec, Purina and many more.

Around the year 2010, social entrepreneurship caught his attention; this idea of people using entrepreneurial skills to innovate new ideas that solve social problems. With so many challenges facing people, animals and our natural world, this made sense to Adam. It created direction and real purpose for him which led to the birth of Change Creator.

Since then, Adam has been on a mission to figure out what he could do to make a living and a meaningful difference.

Many of the social entrepreneurs out there who are literally impacting millions of lives by tackling social issues of all kinds don’t get in the spotlight like the Marc Cuban’s of the world. But Adam believes that they are true hero’s. Change Creator shines a light on those people and uncover how they do what they do.

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