331 – Being a Leader, Not Just an Achiever

There’s a significant difference between being an achiever and a leader.

Achievement is not a bad thing; of course we must push ourselves and achieve things if we are going to create a life of significance.

But we can’t let talent and achievement overshadow the importance of leadership.

It’s a given that you must be technically & tactfully proficient in something, but our talents are only going to take us so far.

Talent doesn’t deliver sustainable results; talent is the given.

The higher we go, the more that we push ourselves, it’s our interpersonal and behavioral aspects that will determine our ultimate success.

That’s where leadership comes into play.

How well we understand and apply leadership into our lives ultimately determines how successful and significant we become.

Focusing on leadership will allow you to achieve the impossible because the focus becomes on fixing behavioral issues. It’s these behavioral issues that are at the heart of every dysfunction in life in business.


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