236 – Brad Lomenick: Founder BLINC, Author “H3 Leadership” & “The Catalyst Leader”

Catalyst-120409-0091Brad Lomenick had the privilege of leading and directing a movement of young leaders called Catalyst for the last 12 years. Catalyst’s role is equipping, inspiring, and releasing the next generation of young Christian leaders, accomplishing this through events, resources, consulting, content and connecting a community of like-minded Catalysts all over the world.

Brad’s role has now moved into a strategic advisor role with Catalyst, along with several other organizations.

His first book, The Catalyst Leader, was released in April 2013, and has just released a follow up book entitled H3 Leadership.

Over the last 15 years, Brad has spent a significant amount of time convening leaders. Prior to running Catalyst, he spent 5 years involved in the growth of the nationally acclaimed Life@Work Magazine and did management consulting with Cornerstone Group. Before that, after graduating from the University of Oklahoma, he rode horses for a living on a ranch in the Colorado mountains for several years.

He writes about leadership, the next generation, creativity, innovation, social media, teamwork, personal growth, generational issues, execution, and a few other topics. You can hear all kinds of conversations with great leaders he’s had the pleasure of interviewing like Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin, Francis Chan, Tony Dungy, Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, Marcus Buckingham, Dave Ramsey, Bill Hybels and others through the Catalyst Podcast, which is FREE and available on itunes or on the Catalyst website.

Brad’s Latest Book: H3 Leadership

In his new book H3 LEADERSHIP: Be Humble. Stay Hungry. Always Hustle., Brad Lomenick shares his hard-earned insights from more thanBook two decades of work alongside thought-leaders such as Jim Collins and Malcom Gladwell, Fortune 500 CEOs and start-up entrepreneurs.

He categorizes 20 essential leadership habits organized into three distinct filters he calls “the 3 Hs”: Humble (Who am I?), Hungry (Where do I want to go?) and Hustle (How will I get there?).

These powerful words describe the leader who is willing to work hard, get it done, and make sure it’s not about him or her; the leader who knows that influence is about developing the right habits for success.

Lomenick provides a simple but effective guide on how to lead well in whatever capacity the reader may be in.

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