341 – Chris Callen: CEO of Grit Virtual

Chris Callen, CEO of Builders Plus Construction and Grit Virtual, grew up inside the family construction company.

Obviously, this meant he had zero interest in making a career in construction. After all, who wants to do what dad does?

Chris ran from construction to pursue a career in technology. Soon after he realized construction was in his blood, he gave into his family’s passion for the built world.

Rebellion has its advantages though, as Chris brings a completely new perspective to the construction industry. After leading the family company for 4 years, Chris spun out a pet project called Grit Virtual.

No longer a small idea with a team of 10, Grit Virtual is experiencing traction from some of the largest contractors in the world.

Chris has been named the Wichita Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Exceptional Young Leader.

Grit Virtual combines the people-centric principles of Lean & Agile, the visualization ease of Building Information Modeling, and the computational power of advanced Artificial Intelligence. The result? Grit is something entirely new, providing the most detailed and responsive construction schedules ever.

Grit simply takes some of the best tools available and targets one ambition: To shorten overall construction timelines and to do it without the hundreds of duplicate forms, software, meetings and processes.

In other words, you can know begin to cut waste from your schedule while cutting waste from your scheduling.

Visit Chris’ Website GritVirtual.com

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