275 – Chuck Gumbert: The Turnaround Specialist

30259a7Chuck Gumbert, The Turnaround Specialist™, has utilized a wealth of life and business experience, as well as a knack for overcoming challenges, to guide numerous clients to success. One of Chuck’s first major challenges—overcoming the debilitating effects of polio at age 2—did not stop him from eventually participating in high school athletics and later becoming a fighter pilot in the U.S. Navy, graduating at the top of his class. His drive for accomplishment, led to him climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and becoming a nationally recognized business leader, entrepreneur, speaker and mentor.

Chuck has been heavily influenced by historic leaders in both business and the military—most notably motivational speaker Zig Ziglar, editor of Success Magazine Darren Hardy, business leader, author and speaker Jeff Hayzlett,  Vietnam POW Captain John M. McGrath USN Ret. and General George S. Patton.

Core Principles Define Chuck Gumbert’s Consulting Firm

Chuck Gumbert Business Consulting Firm Core PrinciplesChuck has applied his core principles and proven business Success Model in the business world, advising corporate leaders and their teams how to achieve predictable and consistent success. A true leader in an ever-changing America, Chuck is known for his high integrity, pristine character, drive and ability to “get the job done” – no matter what the circumstances. He has the unique ability to quickly diagnosis complicated problems and breakdowns within an organization, rally the troops to get everyone on board working towards a common goal and launch a solid success strategy for improved and accelerated performance.


In Chuck Gumbert’s second book, Pinnacle Leadership: How to Navigate Change, Move Forward and Reach Your Peak, he breaks down his renowned success model that will deliver practical solutions for you and your team if you:PinnacleLeadership_Med

  • Feel like you are spinning your wheels.
  • Are busy but not as productive as you would like or need to be.
  • Have a burnt out team that feels scattered.
  • Want to bring back the energy, courage and zeal you once had when you started the business.
  • See an urgent need to cast a clear vision, create a solid plan and lead your team like never before.

This book is for business leaders with organizations large or small who are ready for a new level of achievement.  If you want to lead your team better than you ever have to date, this book will take your leadership and your company to a new level of results, rewards and success!

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