328 – Creating Trust & Confidence

Trust is what makes leadership possible.

Your character communicates your leadership.

  • Think of those people that openly share their life with you…
  • The ones that are completely vulnerable completely trust you

Trust is like “coins in your pocket”

  • Each time you make a good leadership decision…you earn a little pocket change
  • Each time you make a bad leadership decision…you pay out some pocket change
  • If you “empty your pockets” you’re out as a leader!
  • Good decisions put “pennies” into your pocket…bad decisions take “dollars” out

When trust is gone…you fall back

  • Your personality & charisma can get you in the door…
  • But it’s your character that keeps you inside the room

What does trust look like?

  • Consistency
  • Honesty
  • Discipline
  • AUTHENTICITY (We need to be aware of any masks we may be wearing)

Think about those leaders you don’t trust

  • Are they pretending to be someone else?
  • Does their ego overshadow their true authentic self?

Examine your own authenticity
What changes can you make right now to bring out your true authentic self?

The best way to build trust is through…

  • Competence
  • Connection
  • Character
  • We have 100% control over these three items!
  • These are the most compelling aspects of leadership!

Trust can be created & destroyed

  • Trust isn’t simply just telling the truth
  • Character, competence, & connection are part of the equation

Don’t believe that trusting people is too risky Not trusting people is actually a greater risk!

Being in a “suspicion mindset” leads you to:

  • Over-validate and over-analyze everything
  • Everything slows down & costs go up You become stuck in mediocrity
  • You become insecure & protective

It starts with truly giving your authority away Don’t fall into the trap of “fake trust”…

  • This is where you give away responsibility but continue to “micro-manage” Work on you integrity & commitments
  • Simply start doing what you say you’re going to do

Take action to restore broken trust

  • It’s a myth that broken trust cannot be restored
  • In most cases lost trust can be restored
  • It’s a tremendous growth opportunity…a chance to work on character & competence
  • It can become a great opportunity for forgiveness & extending trust

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