329 – D.L. Brouwer: Author, Speaker, & Business Visionary

D.L. Brouwer is the author of The Return on Leadership. He brings a unique perspective to his role as a leadership author, keynote speaker, and business visionary. His views on business and life were shaped by the years he spent as a navigator, flying anti-submarine missions from US aircraft carriers in the north Arabian Sea during the height of the Cold War and as a manager, leader and executive in businesses ranging from a Silicon Valley start-up to a global Fortune 500.

In his speaking and writing, he melds his leadership experience with the strategic sensibilities of the warrior, and communicates it all in the writing style he learned as City Editor of a small-town newspaper in Iowa. His view of the world and the role of the leader in finding and cultivating growth were put to the test when he led the turnaround of a global cloud services business, also chronicled in The Return on Leadership.

DL’s new book, “The Return on Leadership” – is a book about growth and innovation – specifically where and how to find it. It combines case studies from my experience in enterprise cloud services with current research on culture, leadership, and innovation.

It’s unique in that it both defines and quantifies the role of the leader in achieving growth – whether it’s in people, teams or markets – or all three.

That’s important, because new research shows that while growth and innovation are sometimes labor-intensive, and sometimes capital-intensive, they are always leader-intensive.

The bottom line is that good leadership, which can now be defined, quantified and cultivated, is great business. For organizations, that means that alongside the returns on investment – the ROI – they have always expected from labor and capital, they can now plan for and ROL – the Return on Leadership.

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