254 – David Zinger: Employee Engagement Speaker, Author, & Expert

David-Zinger-Head-Shot-OutsideDavid Zinger connects the strength of one with the power of many as an engagement speaker, coach, and consultant. He founded and hosts the global 6100 member Employee Engagement Network. David fuses a down-to-earth prairie upbringing with a global reach. He has worked on engagement in Canada, United States, Poland, Wales, Germany, England, India, Spain, and South Africa.

David is a prolific author. He wrote Assorted Zingers: Poems and Cartoons to Take a Bite Out of Work and Zengage: How to Get More Into Your Work to Get More Out of Your Work (see the covers below). He has written over 2500 blog posts on work, engagement, management, and leadership. He has also co-created 10 exceptional free employee engagement e-Books in conjunction with the Employee Engagement Network.

David knows work and organizations from the inside out. He worked 15 years as the employee assistance counselor and career development coach at Seagram, Ltd. This plant site was the global home of Crown Royal and David was instrumental in fostering personal and career engagement for this organization.

David is an educator. He taught Educational Psychology and Counselling Psychology at the University of Manitoba for 25 years. David’s specialties were work, humor, career development, wellbeing, engagement, management and leadership.

David created the popular Ten block pyramid of employee engagement to help clients focus on practical and tactical engagement. David believes that small is the new significant and that small, simple, strong, significant and sustainable actions within the context of good work will make the biggest difference in engagement for the benefit of all.

David is innovative and experimental. He worked for 3 summers making connections between engagement, honeybees, work, and community. David believes honeybees provide an insightful and living model of the social elements of work and the importance of  thinking differently inside our hives (organizations). To receive a free copy and learn more about his finding click on the title of David’s eBook, Waggle: 39 Ways to Improve Human Organizations, Work, and Engagement.

Visit David’s Website at DavidZinger.com

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