219 – Solo Episode: Dealing With Reality

Episode 219Dealing with reality is a requirement of leadership.

Authenticity is so critical for successful leadership; but being authentic is not as easy as it seems.

A key component of authentic leadership is the maturity to deal with reality head on.  We actually make it harder on ourselves when we don’t deal with reality.

Some realities of life that we must embrace to become better leaders:

1. Life is difficult; nothing worth having in life comes without effort.

2. Life is difficult for everyone; life isn’t fair.  As Ralph Waldo Emerson says – “The Walking of man is falling forward”.

These truths actually are liberating for leaders; it is actually easier to go from failure to success than it is to go from excuses to success.

The earlier we can accept the truth that adversity is actually a reality the more effective we can be as leaders.

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  1. Hey Richard! That’s an interesting premise, the one about life being hard and that everyone has a hard life. I’d agree with the first one but not necessarily with the second one.

    Life is hard because most of us have challenges we have to overcome that get in the way of our contentment, not our happiness. For instance, life is hard if you don’t consistently have enough money to pay your bills, if you’re got mental issues, or if you have a disability that brings you great pain. Sometimes there’s nothing you can do about those things and that makes life even harder.

    However, the reason I disagree with the premise that everyone has a hard life is because some people have almost everything handed to them on a silver platter. In those instances the hard life is their perception only, because they have no idea what a hard life is compared to those who actually have a hard life. They might think it’s hard but it’s not. Of course, I would think like that because I believe there are those folks who look for the worst in life when they’ve been handed great privilege that they get to take for granted. Man, I’d love that just once in my life.

    See, you got me thinking; good job!

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