223 – Developing Your Character

NYC-3Character growth will determine the height of your personal growth.

We all are searching for success, but I contend that we begin searching for a life of significance.  In this episode I focus on the importance of growing your character; on spending your time, energy, & resources on personal growth.

What you will learn:

  • Why “Ambition without guidance” is not meaningful or sustainable.
  • To be a success you need to think like a success
  • The value of character; “Honesty” is the top trait universally valued by people.
  • 99% of leadership failures are failures of character.
  • Your potential is found one rung at a time.
  • Your inside influences the outside.
  • Inside victories precede outside ones
  • Our inside development is totally within our control
  • We can’t always determine what happens to us, but we can determine what happens in us. 
  • Humility is above all virtues.
  • Be teachable.
  • Recognize that everyone has weaknesses.
  • Be willing to serve others; Serve someone for whom there is no chance of gaining anything in return
  • Be Grateful; We all have found our success through the help of others interested in our success.
  • The stronger your character, the greater your growth potential.

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