Devin Walker: Serial Entrepreneur & Author of “Gangstapreneur”

The definition of “Serial Entrepreneur”, Devin Walker is passionate about mentoring, coaching and volunteering his time and resources to help small businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

An extreme altruist and philanthropist. In 2002 Devin conceived and launched, first to market internet company providing art prints to consumers through digital uploads.

Devin is an active angel investor and has invested in or partnered in over 2 dozen start-ups.

Devin has brought many products from idea to market that have been licensed to various companies. And has given his expertise and vision to companies as diverse as MTV, Warner Bros., Harley Davidson and PBS.

Devin invests heavily in small businesses and has become adept at making savvy choices.

Devin takes an enormous risk and an interesting and controversial approach in his brand new book Gangstapreneur.

Walker, takes a unique perspective at comparing modern-day entrepreneurs with so-called gangsters, drug dealers, and common criminals. He looks at each of individual through the eyes of a “common” business person and explains in detail the different qualities that are shared with everyday modern entrepreneurs. Whether he is talking about demographics, marketing or the supply and demand concepts, he shows us through his eyes, what the meaning of entrepreneurialism is.

This book is going to raise eyebrows and cause people to re-examine their own belief systems as to what makes a person successful entrepreneur. Walker intelligently explains the fundamental flaws commonly thought of in criminal do not exist in the individual human being inherently. These so-called flaws exist in the social environment that the humans are born into. Some of these people have the exact same qualities as other successful entrepreneurs born into different environments, with different opportunities and support systems.

It is brilliantly laid out in order for the reader to digest this concept and will make you think about the environmental impact of social structures and their effects on the individual. Within every social structure exists some who possess entrepreneurial talent and drive, yet unfortunately, the system pushes them into choices that may seem foolish to some but is a necessity of life for others.

Gangstapreneur is an exciting take on a criminal enterprise which is typically thought of in a completely different predetermined light. I loved the refreshing perspective that Walker proposes and found myself intrigued by his approach. If you are an entrepreneur I think you will love this book and hopefully learn something along the way!

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