256 – Fireside Chat #2: Talking Leadership, Fear, Entrepreneurship, & Destiny

DW & RRIn mid-February 2016, Devin Walker sat down for our second free flowing conversation where we talk about leadership and the styles of many historical figures such as Rockefeller, Carnegie, Ford, & Teddy Roosevelt.

We also explore the topic of fear, destiny and the “false concept” of failure.

More about Devin:

The definition of “Serial Entrepreneur”, Devin is passionate about mentoring, coaching and volunteering his time and resources to help small businesses, inventors and entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

An extreme altruist and philanthropist. In 2002 Devin conceived and launched Printpop.com, first to market internet company providing art prints to consumers through digital uploads.

Devin is an active angel investor and has invested in or partnered in over 2 dozen start-ups.

Devin has brought many products from idea to market that have been licensed to various companies.

Devin invests heavily in small businesses and has become adept at making savvy choices.

Visit Devin’s Website: DevinWalker.com

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