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BH5yptFnJeff Goins is the author of four books including the national best seller, The Art of Work.  In his popular blog Jeff shares his reflections on writing and life.

First and foremost Jeff believes we all have a creative gift worth sharing with the world.

He’s been writing most of his life, but only recently became a writer. He started his blog with some burning questions:

  • How do creative professionals make a living?
  • What does it really take to get published?
  • How do you pursue a passion without burning yourself out?

What he found in this search was a community of like-minded people sharing many of the same struggles.

Jeff believes we wage war on the blank page; his community is all about banding together to discover our purpose and our art, where people can find their true voices.

If you have a passion for creativity and changing the world, please visit Jeff’s Blog

Jeff usually publishes new articles and podcasts two to three times per week and always seeks to serve his readers. If you don’t want to miss a thing, you can sign up for updates and a free eBook on how to build a an audience by visiting his page: Jeff Goins


About The Book

about-book@2xAbandon the status quo and live a life that matters.

The path to your life’s work is both difficult and mysterious, which is why few finish the journey. The Art of Work is about discovering your true calling—that thing you were born to do.

As Jeff Goins explains, the search begins with passion but does not end there. Only when our interests connect with the needs of the world do we begin living for a larger purpose. Those who experience this intersection experience something exceptional and enviable.

Though it is rare, such a life is attainable by anyone brave enough to try.

Through personal experience, compelling stories, and current research on the mysteries of motivation and talent, Jeff shows readers how to find their vocation and what to expect along the way.

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