Kelley Earnhardt Miller Shares Her Lessons on How to Win in Business & Life

As co-owner and general manager of JR Motorsports, Kelley Earnhardt Miller knows what hard work, dedication, and thriving in a “man’s world” looks like. Born into racing royalty, growing up on the racetrack surrounded by and competing with NASCAR’s greatest, Earnhardt Miller learned how to stand on her own merit with a clear understanding that it was going to take a lot to keep up with the family legacy.

Now, she is sharing some of those hard-earned lessons with the world in her new book, Drive: 9 Lessons to Win in Business and in Life.

 “As the daughter of a NASCAR superstar, my name has always had the power to open doors for me,” says Earnhardt Miller. “Though I have long had a personal passion for the sport and working in the industry was a natural fit, I never wanted to ride through my career in the passenger seat of my father’s legacy. I wanted to work hard and earn every position I ever held. That’s the way my dad always wanted it. These nine lessons have changed the way I lead in business and the way I live my personal life. They’re lessons I wish someone had shared with me before I learned them the hard way, which is why I now gladly pass them along.”

In her highly anticipated book, Earnhardt Miller shares the most important lessons she’s learned over the course of her life that have impacted her incredible success:

  • Being authentic and approachable
  • Letting go to move forward
  • Customizing your communication
  • Aiming for the win-win
  • Managing your emotions                         
  • Balancing your work with your life

According to Earnhardt Miller, these lessons aren’t a blueprint for success; they are the values and principles that have personally shaped her, not only as a high-profile executive but as a daughter, sister, wife, and mother. She firmly believes that leading a life of passion and integrity outside of the office is just as important as reaching the top of the corporate ladder.

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  1. Throughly enjoyed your interview with Kelley! Looks like a great book!! What a great American family and business, and kudos to Kelley for opening up by sharing real stories from life with her iconic father, and her hall of fame brother. Rich – congrats on the continued success of your passion and business?

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