Chick-fil-A Franchisee Kevin Williams on Getting Irrational With Kindness

Kevin is a Chick-fil-A franchisee that has the rare privilege of running three restaurants in the city of Canton, GA. Kevin is a husband, father, community leader, friend, and waffle fry cook that has a passion for inspiring the next generation and providing his team with the most amazing place to work. Kevin has a drive for seeing other’s dreams come true while he provides them a place to learn, fail, and launch into their future. Kevin is an author, speaker, podcaster, and investor in the next generation which is the inspiration behind Irrational Kindness.

Kevin’s new book Irrational Kindness, written as part-operating manual for life, part- employee handbook, Irrational Kindness flips traditional wisdom on its head and gives us a different lens through which to look at life.

Often the idea of being irrational is smeared with negative connotations. It can sound illogical, senseless, unjustifiable, or groundless. But I would like to argue that being irrational can be just the opposite. And it is the most positive, inspiring, and empowering way to be.

Our hopes and dreams don’t have to be derailed—not by our fears, our pasts, or by people who make us feel like we have to know everything to be successful, or even just to get started.

Irrational Kindness provides the inspiration we all need to favor understanding over being understood and prioritize kindness—toward ourselves as well as others—over everything.

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