The Legacy Leader Blueprint Online Video Course includes 20 High Impact Videos and 6-hours of Live Group Coaching that will allow you and your team to become true leaders of influence. This course teaches you how to  defeat mediocrity & stagnation, create high impact cultures of initiative, & build empowered teams with high degrees of implicit trust.

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20-Videos Plus Over 6-Hours of Live Group Coaching

We understand how difficult it can be to get effective leadership training for your team…it never seems you have the time or the budget.  Legacy Leader Blueprint solves that problem…quality leadership training that doesn’t disrupt your busy schedule or break your budget.

Module One:

Laying the foundation for your journey.  No matter your experience level there’s always something to learn here.  Video lessons include:

  • What is Leadership?
  • Leadership vs Management
  • Leadership Myths
  • Increasing Influence
  • Setting the Example

Module Two:

You must understand and value yourself before you can start adding value to others.  This module is all about self-awareness.

  • Becoming Confident
  • Overcoming Limiting Beliefs
  • Building Self-Image
  • Being Consistent
  • Intentional Improvment

Module Three:

Where the leadership rubber meets the road. Learn the ultimate tactics & techniques to get the most out of your team & culture.

  • Building Empowered Teams
  • Instilling Trust
  • Fostering Initiative
  • Knowing Your Place
  • Accepting Accountability

Module Four:

Advanced leadership topics that will make you uniquely effective & transform you and your organization to a legacy building level.

  • Leading Courageously
  • Decisiveness
  • Succeeding Under Poor Leadership
  • Leading in a Crisis
  • Battling Bureaucracy

What People Are Saying About Legacy Leader Blueprint

"I was thrilled to learn of Richard's Legacy Leader Blueprint course & I signed up immediately. What an incredible return on my investment! The depth & breadth of his coaching program is unlike anything I've ever experienced before. If you want to become a better leader, & be given a plan for exactly what you need to lead your team, then sign up for this course. Thanks Richard!"
Shawn Van DykeEntrepreneur & Construction Consultant
“The Legacy Leader Blueprint Course has truly changed my life in so many ways. Richard is passionate, inspiring and engaging when presenting the material. If you want to experience what true leadership is, then learn from Richard. Not only did I get 10x ROI almost immediately, I gained a friend & confidant in my quest to become a better leader. This course is a must for any leader looking to improve."
Steven TrepperChief Pilot, GSK Pharmaceuticals
“When I started the course I didn’t really know what to expect. From the first session, however, I felt completely at ease.  Richard makes you comfortable around your colleagues & personally helped me become more courageous & confident. For me, the course allowed me to discover the type of leader I want to be. I now know that I can become the leader I’m obligated to be.”
Lizzie MooneyConstruction Liaison Team Leader
“The Legacy Leadership program brought actionable leadership right into our business. Richard facilitated discussions which resulted in both individual development & growth as a team. He facilitated in a way that was uniquely relevant to our business. Richard encouraged continuity of our development long after the sessions were over. His presence & his ability to present broad concepts in relatable simplicity made this coaching the success it was.”
Lauren O’ReillyAdministration Manager
“This course opened up my leadership world to encompass everything that I do both professionally & personally. Richards humbling yet direct approach allowed me to be heard and understood; yet he challenged me to think about my perception what true leadership really is. I now understand Leadership is my calling, my life’s work, and journey. I feel empowered to develop my own style, to become the leader I need to be.”
Vince MultariDrafting & Design Manager
“Richard's engaging coaching style allowed us to open up and explore our fears and views regarding leadership. His guidance through each of the topics was top notch. This course has greatly impacted my confidence & allowed me to become more authentic. I look forward to putting his techniques to work throughout my leadership journey. I cannot thank him enough on how much this has helped me so far!”
Tessa GartrellAssistant Accountant
“This was no classroom lecture. Right from the beginning, Richard challenged our team to look at our own leadership style, to confront the fears that we had about failure, and build our own culture of leadership. Richard’s course was exceptionally valuable to our growing leadership team and laid down the bedrock for future leadership growth within our business.”
Ben MillsFinance Manager, ABN Group
"Richard Rierson is a real person who's honest and genuine. I can think of five people like that in my life, and now I have added one more. He’s the perfect combination of unconditional leadership & tough love. Legacy Leader Blueprint showed me the leadership tools I need to shine within my organization. His course has made me extremely valuable for my company & most of all, for my family.”
Natalie PotterHuman Resource Director, Lake Arrowhead Community Services

Details About the Course

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  • 20 Impactful & Engaging Videos
  • 6-hours of Live Group Coaching
  • Study Guide
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Excellent Team Building Exercise

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