332 – Margie & Maddy Warrell: How Our Young Daughters Can Embrace Courage & Their Inner Leader

Margie Warrell has long felt that the world needs more empowered women and more women in power. She’s dedicated & passionate about empowering women to become braver leaders, more confident in their ability to influence change and more resilient in the face of it.

Margie is back on Dose of Leadership for the third time, this time with her young adult daughter Maddy.

In this episode we explore how all of us, and particularly our daughters, should be intentional about courageously unlocking our full potential, challenge our possibilities, and lead purposefully.

As a mother of four, Warrell is passionate about helping other women to pursue their passions and aspirations outside the home, and to own their power to make a mark on the world. In 2010, Warrell founded Global Courage, an organization focused on supporting women in building their capacity, confidence and courage for leadership and becoming more powerful catalysts for change in their organizations, community and society.

Warrell is a regular panelist at women’s leadership symposiums and has been a guest keynote speaker at numerous global women’s leadership events from the UN Foundation Women Leading the Future Conference in Washington D.C. to Oracle sponsored Women’s Leadership Symposium in Shanghai. Warrell is a member of UN Women National Committee in Australia and a member of the advisory board of Ladies America.

Check out Margie’s website where you can connect and support you in making braver decisions, taking bolder actions and creating positive changes. Only then can you solve the problems we face and create a future that is better than the past.

Margie’s Website: margiewarrell.com


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