317 – Melinda Wittstock: Social Marketing & Technology Expert; Founder of Verifeed

Melinda Wittstock is an “EntrePioneer” visionary dedicated to catalyzing value for her clients, architecting highly profitable and data-driven solutions and putting the authentic marketing and engagement strategies in place to put a multiplier on conversions, revenue, earnings and company valuation.

She’s a passionate advocate for women in business, currently writing a book about female entrepreneurship. Her moonshot is to invest in 100 women founders in the next 10 years.

Why is she so passionate? She’s a serial tech and media entrepreneur who believes in BEING the change she wants to see in the world – and stepping up to “give forward” with conscious leadership in a big, badass, scalable way.

From her first “real job” at 22 as a financial correspondent for on the Times of London …

…to her latest gig innovating mobile #AI to create a “social media ‘Alexa’ in your pocket” so you can engage and connect personally (at scale) with your true tribe and leverage your happy customers as your virtual viral salesforce …

She’s a visionary problem solver happiest when innovating game-changing solutions, bringing clarity to complex challenges, and “giving forward” to improve our world.

With 20+ years experience across the world’s top media brands (BBC, London Times, ABC, CNBC) and launching four of her own successful media, mobile crowdsourcing, and predictive data analytics businesses, Melinda brings deep cross-disciplinary expertise to grow every brand or business she works with:

  • Cutting-edge engagement tech to accelerate conversions – taking expensive guesswork out of social media, enabling personalization at scale and a predictable growing “Return on Authenticity” (ROA™)
  • Agile tech innovation and user experience
  • Multimedia content creation, marketing, and personal branding.

She’s an explorer who loves to travel (Amazon rainforest, Necker Island and beyond). I practice meditation, yoga, and mindfulness, and she believes in bringing great culture and conscious purpose to her leadership.

Check out Melinda’ site: Verifeed.com

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