311 – Overcoming Limiting Beliefs (Or How to Slay Your Dragons)

dragonsExceptional leadership requires mastery over our limiting beliefs

Everyone has limiting beliefs & self-doubt to some degree.

  • Regardless of success…it is the “dragon” that all of us have to learn how to “slay”
  • You can’t avoid it – this resistance is real for everyone

So what is a “belief”?

  • Beliefs aren’t necessarily “right” or “wrong”
  • Instead, beliefs are “empowering” or “limiting”
  • Beliefs can literally hold you back.

Tactics to overcome limiting beliefs; ask yourself these questions in order:

  • Ask yourself: “Is this belief true?” (You will probably say “yes”)
  • Ask yourself: “Is this belief beyond a shadow of a doubt?”
  • Ask yourself: “How does this belief make you feel?”
  • Ask yourself: “What would the opposite thought (belief) be?”
  • The goal is to reveal the empowering belief that will allow you to take action

The reality is:

  • You have to believe that you do matter…
  • You have to believe that you can make a difference…
  • It’s not a question of “Will I make a difference? but “What difference will I make?”
  • A subtle but powerful mindset shift

Whatever it is you need to lead…you already have it inside of you…

  • We are always one decision away from radically changing our lives
  • You never know where that first step is going to take you

The main difference between leaders & non-leaders?

  • Leaders take the first step!
  • The greatest obstacle in this journey is always going to be you!
  • You don’t have to look outward for leadership….you look inward.
  • It begins with you…

The main difference between leaders & non-leaders?

  • Leaders take the first step!Leadership is about influencing others…especially those closest to you
  • Think about how much influence you have on those around you
  • Playing small does not serve the world
  • Overcoming our limiting beliefs we unconsciously give others permission to do the same

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