167 – Paul Colaianni: Host of The Overwhelmed Brain Podcast, Personal Development Coach, Emotional Core Strength Training

theoverwhelmedbrainPaulColaianniPaul Colaianni is the Founder & Host of The Overwhelmed Brain blog and podcast is a personal growth portal designed for critical thinkers.  As Paul puts it: “put away your crystals, throw your affirmations in the junk drawer, and start believing it’s OK not to think positively all the time.”

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Paul believes life is an ever-changing journey filled with thoughts, emotions, and an unending series of unpredictable behaviors. Paul gives you specific, purposeful steps to help improve your life, and none of the same old, rehashed personal growth teachings you may be used to.

If psychics help you become fulfilled, then keep using psychics. If energy healing cures your ailments, then keep using energy healing.

Paul believes that you should “Always do what works for you, and not necessarily what you’re told to do.” But do it armed with knowledge.

“Critical thinking” is about questioning your own beliefs. When you question what you believe in, you either reinforce what you know to be true, or find out the truth – causing you to make better decisions for yourself. Either way, you win!  You will improve regardless of the outcome.

And when you combine critical thinking with personal growth, you not only learn and grow faster, you understand how to repeat the process, and teach it to others. Learning about human behavior in general is a fascinating, life-long process. But learning how to repeat successful behavior is a recipe for happiness.

So, whether you are curious about the complexities of relationships, mystified by the unpredictability of human behavior, want to know more about mindsets and emotional states, or just want some plain old-fashioned personal growth advice without all the fluff, Paul has it all here at his website.

Paul invites guests on his show The Overwhelmed Brain to talk about what they know on how to improve our lives. From human behavior to communication. From work and relationships to stress and health. There’s always an interesting episode to listen to. When my guests aren’t sharing advice, they’re sharing stories and communication. From work mza_1797158168572483353.170x170-75and relationships to stress and health. There’s always an interesting episode to listen to.

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  1. Funny, it’s really hard to escape the constant impact being a teen mom has had on me. When you start that young, I think you move through life’s rites of passage earlier. I think I had my 30s in my 20s and now feel like I’m more in my 40s. 🙂

    My favorite line in this entire interview was “the most successful people know how to deal with the biggest failures.” So much truth there, @Paul Colaianni | TheOverwhelme:disqus!

    I love that one of my favorite podcasts hosts was on another favorite podcast. Good stuff, gents!

    1. Oh Amber! I am honored by your comment, thank you so much. I am so grateful you shared your heart here too. Richard really knows how to run a ship, and I was blessed to be his first mate for this episode. Brene is amazing, and I am humbled to be mentioned in the same comment as her.

      Thank you again! 🙂

  2. What an authentically expressed show. The two of you play well off each other and I appreciate the sharing and ‘realness’. Thank you Paul for your openness.

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