107 – Professor M.S. Rao: International Leadership Guru, Author of 25 books on leadership, Founder MSR Leadership Consultants

MS RaoProfessor M.S.Rao is an international management guru, author of 25 books on leadership, and an internationally acclaimed leadership educator, executive coach, speaker, and consultant. He has 32 years of experience in leadership development and conducts training programs for various corporates and educational institutions. His areas of interest include Leadership, Learning and Development and Coaching.
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His vision is to build one million students as global leaders

He is the Founder of MSR Leadership Consultants, India. He is the author of 25 books including the award-winning – 21 Success Sutras for Leaders that has been selected as one of ten finalists for the Department of Leadership Studies Outstanding Leadership Book Award – 2013 at the University of San Diego. He has published more than 250 papers and articles in international publications including Leadership Excellence, Leader to Leader, ASTD, Emerald, and Sage.

He has been honored as an upcoming International Leadership Guru by Global Top Gurus 30 Leadership. He has been included as one of the leading achievers from around in Marquis Who’s Who in the World in 2013. He coined an innovative teaching tool Mekas Method; created 11E Leadership Grid and Soft Leadership Grid and coined a new leadership style, Soft Leadership. He is the Advisor and Board Member for several international organizations including American Institute of Business Psychology (AIOBP), USA, and Global Leadership Awards Committee Malaysia and was honored as a judge for Global Leadership Awards 2011 and 2012 Malaysia. Honored as a Member of International Leadership Association USA, and Ranked as No.1 among the speakers in India as per reviews on Speakermix.org:http://speakermix.com/professor-m-s-rao

He serves on the editorial boards of various prestigious international journals including Development and Learning in Organization, Industrial and Commercial Training of Emerald, U.K, International Journal of Business Administration, Canada and Journal of Business Studies Quarterly, USA. He is the book reviewer for Training and Management Development Methods, Emerald, U.K. His Amazon book URL:www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A16SKI0396UBRP He can be reached at: msrlctrg@gmail.com, and additionally maintains three popular Blogshttp://profmsr.blogspot.com/ (Where Knowledge is Wealth)http://professormsrao.blogspot.com/ (Born for the Students) andhttp://professormsraoguru.blogspot.com/ (Knowledge Grows When Shared).

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  1. It is a very inspiring interview. I am a follower of Professor M.S.Rao. I have read most of his books that contain knowledge and valuable leadership lessons.

  2. The podcast is highly inspiring differentiating between soft and hard
    leaders. In fact, the world needs soft leadership coined by Professor
    M.S.Rao. I am die hard follower of Prof. Rao who inspired me to dream and achieve big apart from grooming me as a global leader

  3. I enjoyed listening to this podcast and noted down some of the sutras mentioned by Professor M.S. Rao. He distilled the best of lessons for the benefit of leaders and CEOs. The leadership takeaways are truly amazing! I implore everyone to read this bestselling book – 21 Success Sutras for Leaders to excel as a great leader.

  4. Excellent leadership ideas and insights! Hats off to Professor M.S.Rao for his passion and vision to transform society through his 21 success sutras. His taking bold initiatives to transform Indian society by inspiring youth to become global leaders. His vision is to groom one million students as global leaders. People like Professor M.S.Rao should occupy the highest office of India – President to bring out broader change to the society and world. I am sure he will become President of India one day.

    Above all, he will make a difference to the world through is visionary and soft leadership.

    I am his die-hard follower.

  5. Professor Rao nicely differentiated between American and Indian leadership. It is true that culture is one of the factors that differentiates leadership. I appreciate his leadership wisdom and his ability to handle complicated questions at ease by providing right answers to reach out to all kinds of listeners. It is the one of the best podcasts I have listened in my lifetime on leadership hitting bull’s eye. I am his follower and love to listen more podcasts on other books as well.

  6. Congratulations for your wonderful interview Sir!
    I am proud of being your follower. I have learnt some of the sutras from you personally, and also from some of your other books. I have improved my mindset and grown as a leader. Your leadership messages are well-punched.
    I admire your passion to build one million people as global leaders.
    I would like to see you as President of India one day.
    We all Indians stand by you and we will make you as President of India.
    Thanks for your valuable leadership message in this podcast.

  7. Excellent interview highlighting about leadership lessons from his bestselling book – 21 Success Sutras for Leaders.
    “Professor M.S.Rao mentored me about my career and shared
    his knowledge. He inspired me to become an Indian civil servant. I am proud to
    be his student. The title ‘International Leadership Guru’ is apt for him. I
    want him to become world’s number one leadership guru and above all, the ‘Brand
    Ambassador of international peace and prosperity.” P. Madhuri

  8. Great interview with valuable leadership ideas and

    Looking forward to more such interviews from this living international leadership legend.

  9. It is great honor to see this living leadership legend
    who shared his success sutras and inspired me to achieve big in my life. I am
    his follower and he is grooming me as a global leader.

    Looking forward to more such interviews from him.

  10. Excellent interview with amazing leadership ideas and insights! The lessons shared by
    Professor M.S.Rao are useful to leaders from entry level to CEO level. They change
    the behavior of the leaders to be more effective to become great leaders.

    Looking forward to more such interview from this international leadership legend.

  11. Excellent podcast on leadership lessons!

    “Professor M.S.Rao trains from the bottom of his heart.
    He is highly passionate about students and wants them to dream and achieve big.
    He wants them to be great citizens. His sessions have a huge impact on the
    audience as he walks to his talk. He uses humor aptly to draw the attention of
    the audience during his leadership training programs. He knows how to grab the
    attention of all students and sustains the momentum until the end of the
    session. He has spontaneity and speaks as per the situation and as per the
    maturity level of audiences. He has total clarity in his vision and mission. He
    implores us to be incurable optimists. I am his die-hard follower.”

  12. Excellent interview sharing leadership wisdom. I have read one of his leadership books and enjoyed a lot with many takeaways. Here is my endorsment about him:

    “Professor M.S.Rao’s training programs are highly inspiring. I am able to think better
    than before and my confidence level has gone up tremendously. I am able to
    apply his ideas in my real life and reap the rewards. He interacts with entire
    audiences. I don’t like to miss even a single session. A great command over
    language! I am proud of being his student and a die-hard follower.” – Sangeetha

  13. Excellent interview by putting India on the top of the world map with your leadership lessons Sir. I am proud of being your follower. Here is my testimonial about you Sir:

    “I love your ideas and ideals to shape the world a better place to live. I like your passion and vision to shape one million students as global leaders. I am sure you will occupy India’s highest office of Presidency in future thus providing direction to India and the world through your visionary and passionate leadership.”

  14. Hello Sir,
    I listened to your interview on “Dose of Leadership” by Richard Rierson, and I loved the idea of the soft leadership. I loved the way you described the Indian leadership influenced by the culture while American Leadership is a type of hard/tough leadership. It was an interesting interview to listen to.
    I tried to leave a comment on your blog but was not successful, so I came here. I have put some details in my simple blog post where I just put the names of the people being interviewed on “Dose of Leadership.
    Thank you.

  15. Excellent interview! I appreciate your passion to build one million students as
    global leaders. It was a privilege to attend your training program and I
    acquired lots of wisdom from you. I am your die-hard follower.

  16. It is an excellent interview on leadership. Here is my endorsement about this living international leadership legend:

    “The leadership training program was excellent and we learned all new things from
    Professor M.S.Rao. He inspired us that we can also do something and excel
    greatly in this world.” – Prashanth. N

  17. I enjoyed listening to this amazing leadership podcast. I read some of his leadership books. I want you to conduct more such interviews from Professor M.S.Rao. I am his die hard follower.

    Here is my endorsement about him:
    “Professor Rao knows how
    to grab the attention of audiences and know how to manage and lead
    them. He shares unique examples with practical implications. He is
    friendly with audiences and keeps them at ease to impart training objectives. He
    responds spontaneously. He is very jovial with audiences. I have been inspired
    by this living legend.” – Shaddarsanam Navtej Kumar:

  18. Interview is excellent with valuable leadership ideas and insights. I am grateful to Professor M. S.Rao
    for dedicating his upcoming book to me. He has a great heart to help
    others with noble intentions. I am his die-hard follower. I want to see
    him as the President of India one day.

  19. Excellent interview on leadership. I have read his leadership books and have been inspired by this living intentional leadership guru. Professor M.S.Rao deserves international recognition. Indians will be very much excited if he is honored by international media.

    I am die-hard follower of Professor M.S.Rao He will be President of India one day. He will make India a super power in the world through his visionary and passionate leadership

  20. very good podcast on leadership. highly thought provoking. I appreciate Prof Rao’s passion to make a difference to the world. I am his follower

  21. Excellent interview on leadership. I have read his book on 21 success sutras for leadership. Presently his book on Success Tools for CEO Coaches: Be a learner, leader and ladder is selling greatly across the world. Here is my endorsement about this leadership legend:

    “The audience
    can easily understand the leadership training sessions of Professor M.S.Rao.
    Anybody can understand and apply his training content from entry level to
    senior level. His sessions are highly interactive and inspiring. He gives great
    examples and anecdotes to bring out behavioral changes among the audiences. I
    am his follower.” – B. Harikrishna

  22. very good interview on leadership. I have read his book tilted: Success Tools for CEO Coaches: Be a Learner, Leader and Ladder. It is a great inspirational book. Here is my endorsement about Professor Rao:

    M. S. Rao is an inspiration for Indian students. He knows how to reach
    out to students accurately. He has unique set of psychometric tools to
    inspire students to groom them as better citizens and leaders. Above
    all, he is a leadership guru par excellence.” – Sukumar S.

  23. Excellent podcast on leadership. Here is my endorsement about him:
    Professor M.S.Rao is an excellent speaker. I underwent his training program. He trains from the core of his heart. I am his follower.- Areef Shaik

  24. Great podcast! Professor Rao is grooming me as a global leader. He has
    included my name in the dedication list of his upcoming book. Here is my endorsement about him:

    “Professor M.S.Rao’s training programs are innovative and touching the hearts of
    students. A lay man can easily understand his language and acquire
    knowledge. He knows how to inspire the audiences. I am his follower.”

  25. Great podcast. Here is my endorsement about this
    living legend: “I acquired great knowledge from Professor M.S.Rao who is
    an international leadership guru. I have seen his books being sold in
    various book stalls. I have read his books on soft skills and adopted
    his innovative techniques. I am one of his die hard fans.” – Subba Reddy

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