292 – Shawn Van Dyke: Construction Industry Consultant & Business Coach

C6i8jXxUShawn Van Dyke (shawnvandyke.com) started his career in construction sitting behind a desk designing buildings.  He earned a couple of degrees in engineering, which is to say, he knew a lot of math and very little about how to actually build something.  After several years as a structural engineer, he realized that he didn’t want to be a structural engineer.  He wanted to actually build stuff.

Shawn left the desk job for a job out in the field.  He worked on the project management team for a large commercial contractor.

Then, Shawn went to work for a real estate developer as a construction manager and owner’s representative.  He traveled all over the South and Midwest building large scale commercial developments.  As perfectly as that job fit his skills set, Shawn was on the road quite a bit.  Shawn’s wife was pregnant with their second child, and he knew that being away from home was not what he wanted for his new family.

So Shawn did something stupid.

He quit his job as a construction manager and started his own real estate development consulting firm.

When the commercial real estate bubble started to pop, Shawn started a general contracting company to hedge his bets.  As the real estate development projects started to dry up, Shawn was able to shift his focus to the residential remodeling market.

This was a small company, but he had a reputation for high quality and exceptional customer care.

Years after making the pivot to become a general contractor, an interesting opportunity presented itself.

The owner of a specialty contracting company asked Shawn to run his company because, although the owner was an exceptional trim carpenter and leader, he admitted that he “sucked at running a business” (his words – not Shawn’s).

Shawn jumped at the chance to help him build his company.  He quickly became the Chief Operations Officer for that company in 2013.

During his tenure, Shawn helped that company more than double in size, grow revenues each year, get out of debt, launch new divisions, double net profits, implement systems for sustainable growth, and (most importantly) develop other leaders within the company.

And then Shawn had another stupid idea.

He wanted to change the way the world views the trades.

Shawn decided to write a book to help all the construction and skilled trade professionals that wanted to go from just making a living to running a world-class business.  He figured if he could help enough skilled trade business owners create, maintain, and grow world-class businesses, then maybe, just maybe, the respect and honor they deserve from society would also return.

So that’s what Shawn did.  He wrote a book.  Shawn gave the book away for free, and he quit his job to pursue his passion for helping the construction industry.

Shawn feels he has the best job in the world.  He has the privilege to work with builders, makers, and true craftsmen and women all over the United States and Canada.  He gets to help them solve the issues and problems they face everyday in growing their businesses.

His coaching programs and consulting services are designed to accomplish one thing:


His programs and services aren’t some cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all general business solutions.  Shawn will dive deep into your business and team up to solve your most pressing problems.  Shawn will help you get to the next level and beyond…and yes…there is a beyond.  You just can’t see it because you’re caught up in the whirlwind of the day-to-day.

Want to go from where you are now, to where you want to be?  Shawn would love to work with you.

Contact Shawn here and let him know what you think could be slowing you down, standing in the way, or stopping you from achieving your goals.

Want to talk with Shawn about how you can achieve your goals?

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