299 – Solo Episode: Thriving in Chaos

StressThe reality is that all of us are dealing with ever increasing levels of chaos in all aspects of our lives.  The question becomes how do we effectively deal with the chaos and uncertainty that surrounds us.

Though I’m not an advocate of bringing gasoline to a fire and adding to the chaos, I’ve resigned my thinking and mindset that uncertainty and chaos are inevitable. Therefore I focus on how to become comfortable operating and excelling within an unpredictable chaotic environment.

In this episode of the Dose of Leadership Podcast I discuss:

  • How chaos & uncertainty are unavoidable; therefore we need to learn how to become effective in a world of uncertainty.
  • Courage is the first step towards comfortably dealing with chaotic situations.
  • How being decisive is one of the greatest opportunities to be the leading & calming force within the chaos.
  • How “compartmentalization” is a learned skill and required for leaders to adopt.
  • You’re better off spending you time, energy, & resources on learning how to be the calming force within the chaos instead of constantly trying to eliminate fear & uncertainty.

Check out the YouTube version of this episode:

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