279 – Vito Mazza: Tribute to Mother Teresa’s Canonization into Sainthood

mother-teresaEven in her lifetime, Mother Teresa was an icon of God’s tender mercy, radiating the light of God’s love to so many through the works of mercy, both material and spiritual.

Mother Teresa’s mission was to “light the light of those in darkness on earth.”

With her canonization, the Church presents her as a model and intercessor of those who, like her, “long to light the fire of love and peace throughout the world.”

She can be taken as a patron saint especially for those who are most in need of God’s mercy.

Mother Teresa’s calling card spoke volumes about her service, sacrifice, and vision of leadership:

The fruit of SILENCE is Prayer

The fruit of PRAYER is Faith

The fruit of FAITH is Love

The fruit of LOVE is Service

The fruit of SERVICE is Peace



vito_pub 01Vito Mazza is a skillful speaker/emcee/presenter; a positive, values-based leader, and a warm and engaging communicator.

As an experienced educator, he is an accomplished trainer and panelist on a variety of topics: leadership, sales, trust, cash Mother Teresaflow, literacy, public speaking, customer service, and field coaching.

Vito is a highly regarded Reader/Lector at his church and was the last North American person to speak with Mother Teresa before her death.

In this episode Vito and I sit down to discuss his meeting with Mother Teresa in 1997, her impact as a leader in a troubled world, and her recent canonization into Sainthood.

To connect with Vito and to receive your own personal copy of Mother Teresa’s prayer card send him an email at vitom3@gmail.com or connect via Twitter at @vitomazza3.

To donate to directly to Mother Teresa’s charity:

Missionaries of Charity

170 Sussex Avenue
Newark, NJ 07103

(973) 483-0165

Sr. M. Luciano, Mother Superior

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