242 – Where Have All The Warrior Leaders Gone?

AlexanderLately, and with increasing frequency, I’ve been asking myself “Where have all of the warrior leaders gone?’

Don’t misconstrue what I mean by “warrior” leader.

It’s not about brutal aggression, winning at all costs, or showing no mercy.

Instead it’s about a leadership philosophy that fosters aggressive action and intensity of will coupled with disciplined self-restraint. ┬áMost importantly the Warrior Leadership philosophy is guided by moral clarity & principle.

One of the great warrior leaders of all time, Alexander the Great, summed up the leadership ideal we should all strive for:

“Let us conduct ourselves so that all men wish to be our friends and all fear to be our enemies”.

In this solo episode I discuss and explore:

  • How leadership demands a warrior mentality.
  • That the root of all warrior leadership is love.
  • How love is the greatest antidote for fear.
  • How love produces selflessness which produces courage.

Are you living a warrior leadership philosophy? ┬áLet me know your thoughts….

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