220 – William Treseder: Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Marine veteran

TresederWilliam Treseder is your stereotypical problem child who had his teeth kicked in by some San Diego drill instructors.

He is a partner at BMNT Partners, a consultancy that brings together government and Silicon Valley groups to solve complex, critical problems. He is focused on building a network of people and businesses who want to solve tough problems in both the public and private sectors. Areas of partnership development include sustainable urbanization, distributed energy, advanced manufacturing, agribusiness, and workforce development.

Today’s true challenge is better training every person – particularly America’s fighting men and women – for the rigors of living successfully in the 21st century. That means fulfilling, creative pursuits without sacrificing family or community.

Treseder served as a U.S. Marine between 2001 and 2011, first in infantry then in civil affairs; deploying to both Iraq and Afghanistan.

After graduating from Stanford University, Treseder tried out a few startups and was lucky enough to settle in San Francisco, where he met and married Oluwadara, the love of his life.

Connect with William:

E-Mail:  william.treseder@gmail.com

Twitter: @williamtreseder

Google+:  William Treseder

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